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Dallas Watkins

Strategist and Community Builder

University of Oregon Graduate

Bachelor of Arts

Major: Advertising

Minor: Political Science

VMLY&R: Associate Strategy & Insights


March 2021 - Present


●  Led creative strategy for Edge Browser cycles and updates

●  Social auditing and listening across all Microsoft brands: Surface, M365, Edge,Windows

●  Contributed to larger strategic campaigns across all Microsoft brands through research, creativity, and collaboration

●  Used research tactics to collect data and statistics about the target audiences

●  Creative/Strategic help for all things gaming related

●  Used different social media platforms as sources of data to help strategize how to reach the target audience for each unique brand

Microsoft Store

●  Social audits and listening for both Microsoft Store and competitors

●  Collected and provided information to teams about gaming and gaming industry


Driscoll’s Berries

●  Used creative briefs to help build strategies for multiple small-scale campaigns

●  Used research background to help build out decks for large-scale campaigns



●  Helped gather posts related to product across various social channels daily and presented this to both clients and leads

●  Created and presented informational decks about popular and or upcoming



●  Social auditing for related products on brand social channels

- Photoshop 

- iMovie

- Sports Marketing

- Content Analysis

- Brand Development

- Spanish

Clubs & Organizations

Sigma Nu Fraternity:

As a social chair, I organized events such as a breakfast luncheon and intramural sports teams to bring people together within the university community.

Warsaw Sports Business Club:

As a member of the club, I engaged in weekly presentations given by industry professionals to further my development and understanding of the advertising and brand development career path.

MAIP 2020 Fellow:

As a MAIP fellow, I engaged in a summer-long virtual internship, learning about the various sectors and opportunities within the advertising field.

VMLY&R: Brand & Social Strategy Intern

September 2020 - March 2021


  • Provide creative briefs for new Edge release cycles

  • Gathering and delivering daily updates of what's trending socially

Driscoll's Berries

  • Creating and presenting creative briefs to both internal team and clients

  • Gathering background research to help create "brand guides"


  • Social auditing for both brand and competitors

MAIP/4A's Brand Strategy Intern

February 2020 - August 2020

  • Completed prefessionally directed virtual training sessions about the industry.

  • Worked with numerous agencies to develop an understanding of brand culture, identity, and development within the strategy field.

  • Strategized in groups to create and complete assigned campaigns and case studies.

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